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Ride and Taste...


Gastronomic Guided Tour - SOON AVAILABLE!

Tasty tour around a selective menu while exploring town. More than just experience.

Ride and Bite around Pipa |  A gastronomic city tour .

Private Tours.


Guided Tour

At your own time and speed.
Exclusivity and custom made to you |  Lets ride around the paradise.

Its Pure Nature!


Tour Natureza.

Pipa Beach and its natural beauty!


Nature | FOTOS and a lot of FUN.

Highlights & Lookouts.


Tour Mirantes

The best places for sightseeing and and lookouts for amazing FOTOS. 

Lookouts | Great fotos  for your Social Media. 


City tours - Guided Tours & Bike Rentals

Welcome to Pipa Bikes . If you're looking for reliable bike rental in Pipa Beach or an unforgottable Praia de Pipa Electric Bike Tour - you've found the right place. We pride ourselves as customer focused, friendly, professional and fun.


You will be travelling by one of our quality city bikes and electric bikes in one of the most beautiful and exciting paradise of north east Brazil - Tibau do Sul & Praia de Pipa.

Our Praia de Pipa e-bike rental shop is centrally located in the main town- right in front "Rua do Céu" Street.

If you choose one of our Pipa Bikes guided tours - our experienced guides will take you through this incredible paradise, and you will meet great people and have unforgettable expecience. You can choose one of our scheduled guided tours – starting at our BASE or Garage  – or opt for a private guided tours to go with your own schedule and pace. After you experience our guided tour you will be able to apply for Pipa Bikes Club, where you will be able to rent a e-bike and go around town by yourself.

We are the FIRST BIKE TOUR in town that mix our tours with experiecies and some tasty gastronomy.

We are looking forward to welcome you to our shop.

Your´s Pipa Bikes Staff


Praia de Pipa is a amazing place to ride a E-bike.

You will make your holiday worth more of your time by riding around Pipa Beach and enjoy it with the flexibility of a E-bike.

Rent a E-Bike!

Pure Nature!


Here we can appreciate  the most beautiful side of Pipa´s natural aspects. At these city tour we want to take you for a ride around the most beaultiful spots around town. These 4hs tour offers you a great experience and a lovely ride and a hike at the Ecological Sanctuary.  

Great VIEWS & Amazing Lookouts!


These tour takes you to a lovely sightseen of some of the towns best place to admire the sea and the nature.

Where you will find and discover some amazing spots to take pictures and enjoy the view.

We want YOU not just FEEL, but experience a taste of Praia de Pipa.


Lets ride and taste? At these Gastronomic tour you will experience a tour around Pipa Beach, and we will show you our favorites spots worthy of caming back and experience a proper meal.  

Âncora 1

Word of Mouth

"I really enjoyed the sightseen tour, we made amazing photos!"


San Francisco | USA

"Its definetly PURE NATURE! Praia de Pipa is a PARADISE."


Paris | France

"I rent a e-bike to go  Around Pipa. And it just made my holidays much more worthy, it saved me lots of time from walking around town."


Amsterdam | The Netherlands

Im in love with these e-bikes it is so easy to ride, and somehow quite fast. Great for wandering around Pipa or Tibau do Sul" 


Hamburg | Germany

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